Lethal Bizzle Sparks Feud With Love Island’s Chris & Kem Over Their New Single - WATCH

4 October 2017, 10:23 | Updated: 4 October 2017, 10:24

Bizzle isn't happy with their use of his phrase...

Lethal Bizzle has started a rap beef with Love Island duo Chris & Kem over their new single ‘Little Bit Leave It’

The Grime legend, who is known for making the phrase popular, has hit out at the pair for attempting to make money from it without gaining his permission. 

In a video released online, Bizzle told the duo that he has a problem with the song and that they “need to have a conversation”. 

Lethal Bizzle released a song called ‘Leave It Yeah’ back in 2011 and has become associated with the phrase ever since. 

While Chris and Kem, who Bizzle refers to as “Ross and Kemp”, released their version alongside fellow Love Island contestant and Blazin’ Squad rapper Marcel Somerville. 

Following Lethal Bizzle’s Instagram rant, the Grime star also revealed that he was asked by their record label to feature on the song and turned down the collaboration. 

Although Bizzle says he doesn’t need any money from the situation, he appears to be angry about not receiving any credit. 

"People know where you got the phrase from. You're using it like you lot made it popular," he adds in the video. 

But Lethal Bizzle wants to sort the situation amicably, saying: “I'm a very reasonable person, so let's just get this sorted out before it has to go anywhere else."

Meanwhile, Stormzy was rumoured to be working with Chris & Kem on their debut single but has appeared to distance himself from the collaboration. 

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