Kanye West Lists All Of His Achievements In Speech During Las Vegas Show

27 October 2014, 11:11

Because Kanye wants you to know he is not a "bad guy."

This week Kanye West performed in Las Vegas for the Life Is Beautiful festival, and in true Kanye West style he gave a full-blown speech.

'Ye spoke to the crowd about being positioned as a "bad guy" in America, claiming that he's viewed in the same way as murderers.

"You telling the the guy that goes to the studio till 3am  every night, who tries to deliver soundtracks for people to ride to, to fall in love to, to play ball to, to work to..." 

Kanye went on to list every reason that he is not a bad guy. "You talking about 'College Dropout', 'Late Registration', 'Graduation,' '808s and Heartbreak,' 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,' 'Yeezus,' we're talking about 'Blueprint 1,' 'Blueprint 3,' 'Watch The Thrown,' are we talking about John Legend? Are we talking about Common? Are we talking about Big Sean? Are we talking about Pusha T? Are we talking about Drake?"

"What I'm saying is, sometimes to run in a forest and be the first at something, you've got to like get sticks that hit you and cut your face."

Watch the full speech above. 

(Warning: This video contains strong language that some people may find offensive.)