Footage of Kanye West Rapping In 1998 Surfaces Online

8 January 2014, 10:17 | Updated: 8 January 2014, 11:51

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Get ready for some old-school Yeezy, a video has surfaced online of the 'Bound 2' artist rapping back in 1998. 

Chigaco/ Atlanta rapper Cap 1 shared the 16-year-old clip in a trailer for his new mixtape 'Caviar Dreams'.

Skip to 30 seconds into the trailer, where you'll find a young Kanye West take to the not-so-large stage, mic-in-hand, wearing a 'Champion' vest and a backwards cap (it was definitely the 90's).

In front of a gold curtain he begins rapping in the Yeezy style we're use to today, telling other rappers to; " "keep the Jeep, keep the receipt… Keep the game, as long as I keep the fame and keep my name: Kanye to the, uh, West."

The clip was filmed two years before Kanye got his big break when he began producing for Roc-A-Fella Records artists, and three years before his name became a staple of hip hop after his work on Jay Z's influential 2001 album 'The Blueprint'. 

Watch Kanye West rapping in Cap1's 'Caviar Dreams' trailer above.

(Warning: This video contains language that some people may find offensive).