Kanye West's Profound 'New Testament' Launches, Is It The Ultimate Fan Tribute?

11 June 2014, 10:24 | Updated: 11 June 2014, 10:35

That clears up those rumours.

A video titled 'Kanye West's New Testament,' which documents some of Kanye West's most famous and profound quotes has surfaced on YouTube.

The 34-minute video hears Kanye West quote after Kanye West quote play out against a backdrop of inspiring and picturesque visuals including clips of Muhammed Ali, a sky diver and forests. 

'Kanye West's New Testament' comes 12 days after a Twitter account of the same name was set up announcing that there would be something arriving on June 10th. it is thought that the video is fan-made. 

Listen to Kanye West's 'New Testament' above.

(Warning: This video contains language that some people may find offensive.)