Kanye West Delivers Amazing 15 Minute Speech, Performs Drunk In Love Remix

25 February 2014, 15:44

Kanye talks slavery, Oprah, visiting a therapist, his grandfathers 98th birthday, Michelangelo, Yeezys, art school, happiness... The list goes on....

It wouldn't be a Kanye West show without 'Ye taking a short break to vent some of his latest thoughts to the audience of thousands, so when Kanye performed at Nassau Coliseum in New York for the last stop of his North American Yeezus tour, rather than a short soliloquy, 'Ye gave fans a full-blown 15-minute inspirational speech. 

Highlights from the speech include Yeezy telling fans about the time he went to see a therapist to help him become "less misunderstood."

"I literally had to sit down with a therapist , cause therapists were like 'this is how you can sound like a normal human being and not be misunderstood" Kanye remembered the therapist telling him, adding: "Instead of saying.. 'you're the most influential artist'.. Don't say s**t like that.. Just say 'thank you'. So i'm working on trying to sound as humble and like a f***ing robot as possible. Then came a robot impression.

The 'Bound 2' signer went on to inspire the audience by sharing some thoughts his grandfather once shared with him. 

Watch the full thing above and check out Kanye performing his remix of Beyonce and Jay Z's Drunk In Love below: 

"My grandfather made it to his 98th birthday last year, and all he use to talk about was joy. j-o-y, joy". He asked, "where do you find your happiness? What makes you happy? And for me, what makes me happy, is making ya'll happy". 

Elaborating on what makes him happy, Kanye once again spoke of his art-school beginnings, reminding his fans that everything he does it an art. 

"Everything i do is an art project, I come from art school, top three in the country... I went to collage on an art scholarship. And anything I do sonically is art. Anything i do visually is art. So don't ever pull me into some classification or some box" he said, adding "so whenever people say 'we love you for the music Ye', shut the f**k up." 

'Ye wraps up by thanking fans for letting him perform for an hour and a half with a mask over his face.