The 7 Most Cinematic Kanye West Videos Ever

20 November 2013, 14:46 | Updated: 20 November 2013, 14:48

Kanye West Runaway Video

Everyone is talking about Kanye's new video for 'Bound 2' starring Kim Kardashian. Here's some of his greatest music videos ever.

The whole world has spent the last 24 hours talking about Kanye West's new music video for 'Bound 2', which features a cameo appearance from a topless Kim Kardashian. The Nick Knight-directed video sees the pair riding into the sunset on a motorbike, but the cinematic video has divided opinion among his fans. 

Today we've rounded up seven of hour favourite Kanye music videos that are basically pure cinematic brilliance and we want you to let us know yours in the comments below. 

1) 'Runaway'

Kanye's longest music video, 'Runaway' clocks in at more than 30 minutes long and is without question Kanye's most cinematic music video ever, featuring an abandoned Phoenix and dozens of ballet dancers.

2) 'Love Lockdown'

Written following the death of his mother, Kanye is reflective in the all-white video for 'Love Lockdown', which featured on his auto-tune heavy '808s & Heartbreak' album.

3) 'Jesus Walks'

Kanye's video for 'Jesus Walks' challenges just about every stereotype you can imagine - it's a riveting watch.

4) 'Diamonds From Sierra Leone'

As with the video for 'Jesus Walks', Kanye set out to challenge peoples' perceptions and provoke debate with the video for 'Diamonds Are From Sierra Leone'. This is version two.

5) 'All Falls Down'

Actress Stacey Dash plays Kanye's girlfriend in the video for 'All Falls Down', which was shot entirely from Kanye's view at Ontario airport.

6) 'Touch The Sky'

Kanye literally reached for the stars with the video for 'Touch The Sky', from his 'Late Registration' album, with cameos from Pamela Anderson, Nia Long, and Tracee Ellis Ross, the daughter of Diana Ross.

7) Kanye West & Jay Z - 'Otis'

Let's be honest, this video is just flat out fun.