Iggy Azalea Explains What Really Went Down With Papa John's On Grammys Night

25 February 2015, 10:46

Iggy Azalea Explains Papa John's Twitter Rant | On Air with Ryan Seacrest


You might remember Iggy Azalea posting a series of unusual tweets to pizza company Papa John's on Grammys night this year. 

The 'Fancy' singer went on a Twitter rant after a pizza delivery boy from Papa John's gave her phone number out to members of his family, who then went on to call and text her personal mobile several times. 

In a new interview, Iggy has explained what exactly went down that fateful night, doing a hilarious impersonation of the pizza delivery boy. 

"He came to my house to deliver the pizza and he was like '[screaming] who's Ferrari is that?! Oh my god!'" Iggy said. "Then he said, 'oh my god it's you isn't it, it's Iggy Azalea!'"

Watch the full interview above and be sure to check out the exact texts that Iggy received that night.