Hardwell Reveals Five DJs And Producers He Thinks Will Make It Big In 2015

5 February 2015, 16:19 | Updated: 5 February 2015, 16:21

Get the low down on the dance music names that Hardwell thinks you need to know about.

He's been named the world's number one DJ for the second year running, so when Coco Cole caught up with Capital XTRA DJ and all round legendary producer Hardwell, we wanted to find out about the rising DJ and producer stars that he thinks are hot on his tail. 

The 'Dare You' DJ gave us the low down on the names that everyone should be keeping an eye on in the next few months, because apparently they're due to blow up before the year's out. 

Featuring past Hardwell collaborators DallasK and Joey Dale, as well as Thomas Newson, the son of electronic producer Marco V, check out the five DJs and producers that Hardwell's hedging his bets on this year below and watch the full conversation above. 

1. Julian Calor

"Sounds-wise it's completely different from any EDM thing i've ever heard before."

Hardwell describes Dutch newcomer Julian Calor as "a bit like Deadmau5 back in the day." He already has a finished album that's approximately 90% instrumental, according to Hardwell, who claims it features "chords never been used in dance music". 

2. Kill The Buzz

"He's so diverse"

A good friend of Hardwell's and signed to Revealed Recordings, Kill The Buzz unveiled his debut track 'Party Hard' back in 2012 (hear it above) and hasn't stopped since.  

3. DallasK

"He's definitely one of the guys that's going to break through this year" 

Hardwell met LA-based DallasK backstage at an event in 2012 and the two immediately clicked when they started talking about music. They kept in touch and when DallasK sent Hardwell the original idea for 'Area 51' (listen above), Hardwell "loved it" and so they jumped into production and began building it together. 

4. Joey Dale

"I've heard a lot of demos from his recent stuff, he's really driven in what he wants..."

You know that Hardwell's not lying when he says he has faith in Joey Dale, seeing as how he's already collaborated with him on the track 'Arcadia' (hit play above). The house producer got his first release on Spinnin' Records in 2013 and hasn't looked back since. 

5. Thomas Newson

"He's the son of Marco V - I think he learnt a lot from his dad."

The son of legendary electronic music producer Marco V, Thomas Newson is the fifth a final DJ Hardwell is hedging his bets on this year. He describes Newson as "diverse" and "energetic," qualities he probably learnt from his dad. Hear a Thomas Newson and Marco V collaboration above.

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