Hardwell Says Being The No.1 DJ In The World "Brings A Lot Of Pressure With It"

11 February 2015, 15:46 | Updated: 11 February 2015, 17:22

Hardwell talks to Coco Cole about his new album, living the dream and the pressure that comes with it all.

Superstar DJ and producer Hardwell plays gigs worldwide, has hit singles and has been named the world's number one DJ for two consecutive years, but when he recently stopped by the Capital XTRA studio he insisted that he is just "a normal boy from Holland" that is "living in a dream" and the title of 'the world's best DJ' actually brings a lot of pressure with it. 

In an exclusive interview with Coco Cole, the 'Dare You' DJ and producer said that seeing his face on billboards is something he'll "never get use to," but he tries to keep his mind busy and not get bogged down with the expectations that come with the title. 

"It brings a lot of pressure with it, having the title of best DJ in the world," Hardwell said. "Let me say this, when I became the number one DJ in the world I attracted a lot of people who wanted to see the number one DJ in the world.

"For me personally, as a little kid I always had a dream to be one of the world's best DJs. And achieving that number one position, I'm still living in a dream right now - and i'm enjoying that instead of keeping my mind busy with all the pressures that come with it."

Watch Coco Cole's full interview with Hardwell above.

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