Fuse ODG Talks About Success Of A 'Million Pound Girl'

2 December 2013, 08:47

The Afrobeats star chats to Kojo & Jade about his latest single 'Million Pound Girl'.

Fuse ODG spoke about the success of his new single 'Million Pound Girl' during an appearance on XTRA In The Morning with Kojo & Jade. The Afrobeats star said the reception to the follow-up to 'Antenna' had taken him by surprise, with the song already charting on the Shazam charts and at number one in Ghana. 

During his appearance on XTRA In The Morning, Fuse also opened up about what he thinks a 'Million Pound Girl' is and played the game Million Pound Girl or One Pound Girl.

It has been an incredible 2013 for Fuse, whose singles 'Antenna' and 'Azonto' have already stormed the charts.