Eminem And Rihanna Take You Behind-The-Scenes On 'The Monster' Video Shoot

4 April 2014, 09:57 | Updated: 4 April 2014, 10:00

Watch the filming for Rih and Em's video 'The Monster,' with special commentary.

A new video has been release showing behind-the-scenes footage of Eminem and Rihanna filming the video to their single 'The Monster' in Detroit. 

Eminem's manager Paul Rosenberg narrates the video through a supposed 'voicemail' that he left for Eminem, in it he explains the concept which sees Rihanna act as Eminem's therapist as Eminem re-lives famous moments of his career.

The 'Rap God' rapper also takes some time to talk to camera whilst wearing the straightjacket he's seen in in the video. 

"Dr Dre would say, 'I'm glad you got your coat back on" Eminem said, "The way things should be."

Watch the interesting video above.