Chris Pratt Just Rapped Eminem's Verse On 'Forgot About Dre' And Completely Killed It

5 August 2014, 15:05 | Updated: 5 August 2014, 15:22

Prepare to be in awe.

When 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' and 'Parks And Recreation' actor Chris Pratt stopped by US Radio station Shade 45 this week he revealed that he is and always has been a huge fan of Dr Dre's 'The Chronic 2001' album.

"I know every word to that album" Pratt told the presenters before he was challenged to "prove it."

As Pratt started rapping Eminem's verse on 'Forgot About Dre' totally off the cuff, he didn't only prove it, he absolutely killed it.

Watch the brilliant moment above.