This Mum Sings Drake's 'How Bout Now' Better Than Your Mum Does

12 January 2015, 12:20 | Updated: 12 January 2015, 17:39

Drake How Bout Now Vine

Someone Vined his mum singing Drake's 'How Bout Now' and it's going viral.

Someone need to sign this woman. 

When a mum couldn't help but sing along to Drake's 'How Bout Now' whilst in the car, her daughter, captured the whole thing and put it on the social network. 

Paije's mum, known as 'Mama Rita,' has all the soul you need in your life as she raps along to the Drake lyrics and adds some her own high notes. 

(Warning: These videos contain strong language that some people may find offensive.)

Mama Rita's fast becoming a star as the Vine has gone viral, raking in over three million loops. 

Although the Vine that's gone viral was posted by a user called Shavonne, the video was recorded by the woman's daughter, Vine user Paije M

She's since posted; "This is MY mother! I was just recording her. This was NOT planned. This is her everyday".