28 Reasons You Played Yourself If You Haven’t Seen DJ Khaled’s Snapchat

13 March 2017, 16:29

DJ Khaled Kim Kardashian Snapchat

DJ Khaled has been responsible for countless hit singles and now he is completely taking over Snapchat.

Rihanna, Rick Ross and Kylie Jenner are just some of the celebrity names who are making waves on Snapchat but nobody comes close to DJ Khaled and here’s why…

1) He'll take you on epic jet ski adventures:

2) And take you behind the scenes of his celebrity friends' houses:

3) He'll share vital life inspiration:

4) And give you the all important keys to success:

DJ Khaled

4) But don't play yourself, this isn't the Golden Globes:

5) And if you do follow Khaled, you get exclusive access to the stars:

6) And his lion statue, which he salutes every time he walks past:

7) He shows the arguments he has with his partner:

8) And even Snapchat's his run-ins with the law:

9) Khaled also loves to go to basketball games:

10) And isn't afraid to join in:

11) But as a DJ, he loves to play music:

12) And he'll bring the party wherever he goes, including the cross-trainer in his office:

13) Or his hot tub, while providing more keys to success:

14) And nothing will get in his way... not even security:

15) Or the water authorities:

16) And when he's not partying or working out, he's giving back to nature:

17) Or watering his extensive garden of flowers, fruit and vegetables:

18) And provides hilarious wildlife commentary:

19) Khaled captured the epic moment he dived into his pool wearing Yeezys:

20) And will take you to dinner with him:

21) But Khaled loves to feature fans in his Snapchat stories, including this little boy who thought he was taking a selfie:

22) And these women who couldn't get enough of Khaled's Cocoa Butter:

23) And Kim Kardashian who revealed she was planning to start her own Snapchat:

24) Showing off your exclusive trainer collection is a must on Snapchat:

DJ Khaled

25) As is making sure everyone can see your jewellery collection:

26) But on top of all the jokes and adventures, Khaled often breaks down vulnerable moments from his rise to success:

27) And provides honest advice for those trying to follow in his footsteps:

28) But no, the lip syncing never gets old: