EXCLUSIVE: Disclosure Break Down The Making Of New 'Caracal' Album

'Caracal' is out now.

While promoting their new album ‘Caracal’, Disclosure spoke exclusively to Coco Cole about which songs on the project do the most damage on the dancefloor, their favourite tracks, and more.

They also revealed the recording process behind new song 'Echoes'.

“We tried to write the song a few times and we had a few different versions," said Howard.

"[Producer] Jimmy Napes said: 'right we're trying too hard, lets go to the park and play frisbee and write it there'.

"So the whole second verse was written in Regent's Park [London]," he said.

Guy also revealed that the band really pushed themselves when making ‘Moving Mountains’ featuring London singer Brendan Reilly.

“The song-writing is nothing like any of the other songs," he said. 

"There’s not that many drums in it until around 4 minutes in, when there’s the most drums I’ve ever put in a song... So its a proud one.”

Disclosure’s new album ‘Caracal’ is available to purchase now.

Watch highlights from the interview above.