Chris Brown Talks Rihanna And Drake Dating, Karrueche And More In New Interview

2 November 2014, 11:43

You need to watch this.

Chris Brown has given an extensive new interview in which he spoke at length about his relationship with Rihanna as well as his current music plans.

Appearing on Hot 97, Chris was also asked how he felt when Rihanna started dating Drake and whether he thought he was a better dancer than Usher.

"I never dis Usher, cause Usher's Usher. You gotta give him his props. His resume's crazy," he said.

 My legs are a little fresher. If you're gonna make the Michael Jordan reference, I'm gonna be Iverson, when Iverson crossed Jordan. No offense Usher."

You can watch part one of interview about and part two below. (Warning: these videos contain strong language that some people may find offensive.)