Calvin Harris Says His Past Few Girlfriends Have "Done His Head In"

13 November 2014, 09:10 | Updated: 13 November 2014, 10:29

Calvin Harris told Kojo and Jade he he has a 'type' - girls that are "off their rocker!"

Calvin Harris has revealed to Kojo and Jade that he is attracted to a certain 'type' of woman, but unfortunately it's the ones that 'do [his] head in."

The 'Blame' DJ and producer said that he doesn't realise they are "off their rocker" at first, but he soon discovers it.

"It's not like i'm looking for someone who's going to absolutely do my head in" Calvin told Kojo and Jade, "But it's just so happened that i've had a few in a row who have."

If you're wondering who Calvin will be collaborating with yet, it definitely won't be Kendrick Lamar or Outkast. The Scotsman strongly stated that he would never record tracks either artists, but he would love to record with Pharrell if Pharrell would only call him back! 

Calvin Harris says his last few girlfriends have "done [his] head in" - watch the clip above. 

This is Why Calvin Harris would never record with Kendrick Lamar or Outkast:

Calvin wants to record with Pharrell, but Pharrell's not been calling him back:

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