Beyonce’s Dad Has Suggested She Has Been Lying About Her Age

Mathew Knowles has added to speculation.

Beyonce’s Dad and former manager Mathew Knowles has inferred that Beyonce is lying about her age.

There have been rumours in the past suggesting that Bey is older than fans have thought.

However Knowles has further fuelled theories that Beyonce is actually older than 34 with his recent comments on ‘The Breakfast Club’.

“We signed to Daryl Simmons, who partners with LA Reid and Babyface.

“These guys had this competitiveness, LA he had a girls group.  Bet you don’t know who his lead singer was

"P!nk, she’s the exact same age as Beyoncé. There used to be this battle, which group was better. Usher, he was the same age. They were all 14- or 15-years-old."

If Mathew’s story is true, it means that Beyonce is actually 36, not 34, as many fans believe. 

Watch the confusing clip above.