Ameriie Unveils New Song 'What I Want': New Music

The '1 Thing' singer is back!


Ameriie has unveiled the full version of her new single 'What I Want' alongside the song's lyric video. 

The track, which is reminiscent of her hugely popular tracks released in the noughties, follows a teaser that Ameriie posted on her Instagram account a couple of weeks back and samples the Sugerhill Gang's song 'Apache' .

Hear the full thing above. 


After five years of silence Ameriie has teased what will be her new single, titled 'What I Want.'

The 15 second snippet, posted on the singer's Instagram account, sounds like Classic Ameriie songs from back in the day '1 Thing' and 'Gotta Work.' 

Listen to the snippet for 'What I Want' below:

You can hear Ameriie sing the catchy lyric 'That's what I want, yeah, that's what I want," over the energetic production.