Clubbers Guide Big Five: The Hottest New Dance Music Tracks Right Now (4th July 2014)

4 July 2014, 14:24

Coco and Ministry of Sound guide you through the biggest new music.

There's only one way to start your weekend and that's Clubbers Guide with Ministry of Sound every Friday night from 7pm on Capital XTRA. 

Each week we round-up the five biggest dance tracks you need to hear right now and this week is a big one, with new music from the likes of Coldplay vs. Hardwell and Patrick Topping currently tearing up clubland. 

(Warning: some of these songs contain strong language that some people might find offensive.)

5) David Guetta - 'Lovers Of The Sun'

How will it make me feel? "Like you're glad David Guetta is back."
When is it released? Summer.

4) Nicky Romero & Anouk - Feet On The Ground

How will it make me feel? "Like you want to get to the nearest big room."
When is it released? Out now.

3) Wanklemut feat. Emma Louise - My Head Is A Jungle (MK Edit)

How will it make me feel? "Like summer."
When is it released? Summer.

2) Patrick Topping - 'Forget'

How will it make me feel? "Like it's got the best bassline you've heard in a long time."
When is it released? Out now.

1) Coldplay - 'A Sky Full Of Stars' (Hardwell Remix)

How will it make me feel? "Like having a big sing song."
When is it released? 14th July.

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