Ice Cube And Tim Story Chat To Westwood About New Film Ride Along

1 March 2014, 22:19

Tim Westwood Chats To Kevin Hart And Tim Story About Ride Along


Ice Cube and Tim Westwood talk all things Ride Along, including what it was like to work with Kevin Hart.

If you missed the moment Ice Cube and Tim Story paid a visit to Tim Westwood in the Capital XTRA studio to catch up on all things Ride along, hit pay on the above video.

Ice Cube, who plays James Payton in the film and Ride Along's director Tim chatted to Westwood about what it was like making the movie, what their all-time favourites are and what it was like working with Kevin Hart.

"Kevin is very funny in the warehouse [scene]" Ice Cube said, revealing it's his favourite - and the most hilarious - part of the movie. 

Watch the full thing above.

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