Watch Chip Go In On An Exclusive Freestyle On The Norté Show

6 May 2015, 15:07

Watch Chip Drop An Exclusive Freestyle On The Nortè Show

See Chip's full freestyle from The Nortè Show.


The 'Believe And Achieve EP1' rapper dropped a hot freestyle.

Chip stopped by the Capital XTRA studio this week to catch up with Manny Norté, dropping an epic exclusive freestyle live on The Norté show. 

On the eve of the release of his 'Believe and Achieve EP 1,' the 24-year-old London rapper revealed that part two of the EP will drop later this year, although he doesn't have a date yet. 

"24 and generation I need help, people will lean on me till I can't carry myself/ And then you die and that's the end of you, depending on what you did will they remember you?" Chip rhymes before letting everyone know; "These rappers can't get rid of me."

In a chat with Manny, Chip added that he thinks "this culture, this scene, this music" is getting exciting again. 

Watch the full freestyle above. 

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