Kevin Hart And Ice Cube Exclusive: “We Don’t Care About The Oscars”

22 January 2016, 16:17 | Updated: 16 March 2017, 16:04

The actors have weighed in on the debate.

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube have opened up about the current controversy surrounding The Oscars in an interview with Tim Westwood. 

The actors, who were in the UK promoting their new movie ‘Ride Along 2’, made their feelings about the issue clear.

“We do movies for our fans, we do movies for people all over the world,” said Hart. 

“[The Oscars] is not a world that we’re even concerned with,” he added.

Many actors, including Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, have announced their intention to not attend the prestigious awards ceremony after claims that this year’s nominees are dominated by white actors. 

“People are making a big deal about it and making a spectacle. Its not a spectacle,” continued Hart.

“If you’re talented and you’re true to your profession, no award should ever compromise that." 

Watch the full interview above.

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube’s new movie ‘Ride Along 2’ is out now.

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