WSTRN Exclusive: “It’s Our Turn For Success”

'In2' singers WSTRN spoke to Jez Welham on Capital XTRA In The Morning.

WSTRN have revealed the true meaning behind the name of their collective. Whereas most people think it simply stands for 'West London,' the group have confirmed that it actually means it's "West London’s turn for success."

Akelle and Haile, two thirds of the group behind hit single ‘In2’, revealed that they plan to balance out the musical success in London. 

“You have West London [artists], but as a collective there isn’t really anyone putting West London on the map,” Akelle told Jez Welham exclusively for Capital XTRA.

They also revealed that they are currently working on their debut album, which will drop in 2016 and is described as being “feel-good” music.

“We’ve got so many more In2’s,” he added. “We’ve got different sides as well. We can slow it down, we can speed it up, we can turn it round.”

Watch highlights from the interview above.

WSTRN's debut single 'In2' is out now.