Who is PinkPantheress? Pictures, songs, Instagram and more revealed

24 August 2021, 13:25

PinkPantheress has taken over TikTok
PinkPantheress has taken over TikTok. Picture: Instagram

Here's everything you need to know about viral singer PinkPantheress.

'Just for Me' singer PinkPantheress has gone viral since her songs started being featured on TikTok.

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Here's everything you need to know about the up and coming star.

  1. How old is PinkPatheress?

    PinkPantheress was born in 2001 and is 20 years old.

  2. What songs does PinkPantheress have?

    PinkPatheress hit the spotlight when her songs 'Break it Off' and 'Just for Me' went viral on TikTok.

    Subsequently, her songs 'Pain' and Just for Me' hit the top 40 of the UK Singles Chart.

    The 20 year old has also released songs 'Just a waste' and 'passion' and impressively has over eight million listeners on Spotify alone.

    PinkPatheress has also featured on Goldlink track 'Evian'.

  3. What does PinkPatheress look like?

    The 'Just for me' singer is mainly elusive about her identity, but has shared rare selfies with fans.

    It has also been confirmed that the UK born star has Kenyan heritage.

    PinkPantheress is elusive about her identity
    PinkPantheress is elusive about her identity. Picture: Instagram
    The star rarely shares pictures of herself
    The star rarely shares pictures of herself. Picture: Instagram
  4. What is PinkPantheress' TikTok?

    PinkPatheress sometimes shares music snippets to her TikTok, which can be found at: @pinkpatheress.

    Fans can see more of her personality on her social media, evidenced by her TikTok bio which states: "I fancy Evan Peters".

  5. Does PinkPatheress go to uni?

    The star goes to university in London, where she says she records her tracks "lying down" in her "smaller-than-average room with a broken mic".

  6. Where is PinkPatheress from?

    Despite studying in London, the 'Pain' singer is from Bath, Somerset - in the UK.

  7. What Genre is PinkPatheress?

    The elusive stars sound is described as dance, DnB and nu-jungle - however she refers to it as “new nostalgic”.

    Speaking with Dazed, she said her melody choices are often from "pop punk bands like blink-182".

    PinkPatheress also said she draws inspiration from "K-pop, Linkin Park, Frou Frou, and British dance music".

  8. Does PinkPatheress have Instagram?

    Fans can follow the upcoming star on Instagram at: @PinkPatheress.

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