Skepta And JME Made Westwood Get Emotional In Touching Surprise Tribute

17 July 2017, 15:14 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 15:54

Skepta exclusive catch up backstage after Wireless headline show


The BBK brothers gave thanks to Westwood for his support of the scene, and left him teary eyed.

Skepta and JME sat down with the radio legend during Wireless festival and showed some love.

“You are a living legend bro,” JME said to Westwood.

“You keep it 100 per cent real with us, we keep it real with you,” Skepta added.

“I’ve got tears in my eyes,” Westwood admitted.

“Shout out the mans that can cry as well. Crying’s wavy!” Skepta told him.

During the rare interview, Skepta talks about the importance of remembering your roots and how he still works with people he went to school with, including Matt Walker who directs his videos.

“Whenever we’re doing stuff we’re making it for the people in the room,” he explains.

He also says how he doesn’t differentiate between the different genres that have emerged like UK rap and drill.

“We’ve all just got this accent and we’re all from the streets,” he said. “So we can spit on all of that.

“Big shout out to every single person in the UK doing what you’re doing right now. Keep the right people around you, make sure that it’s love.”

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