WATCH: Kim Kardashian Responds To Snapchat Cocaine Rumours

12 July 2017, 11:42

Kim was under fire from fans.

Kim Kardashian has responded to rumours that she was caught with cocaine on Snapchat. 

In one of her recent snapchat videos, fans noticed what appeared to be two lines of white powder on a table behind her.

Watch below:

After being slammed by fans on Twitter, the reality star responded to a fan, claiming that the powder was actually sugar.

“I do not play with rumours like this so I’m gonna shut it down real quick. That’s sugar from out candy mess from dylan’s candy shop,” she tweeted.

However interestingly, Kim then took to Snapchat to further clear up the rumours, suggesting the white substance was actually part of her granite table.

“After all that, this table in the background is a marble table, you guys,” she said. 

“So come on, I don’t play like that, I have kids. It’s just not my lifestyle.”

Watch her full response at the top of the story.

Meanwhile, the Kardashian family is currently under fire after the Rob recently exposed naked pictures of Blac Chyna online.

Chyna is reportedly aiming to press legal charges after she the subject of a revenge porn attack.

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