S1mba reflects on 'Rover' going viral on TikTok

29 April 2020, 13:19

S1mba Talks 'Rover' Going Viral On TikTok | Homegrown | Capital XTRA

After seeing his breakthrough hit 'Rover' go viral on TikTok, S1mba reflected on his early success with Capital XTRA's Robert Bruce.

if you've used TikTok recently you will 100% have heard S1mba's catchy anthem 'Rover' as the song went viral on social media after it was used as part of a dance challenge.

As his career begins to take off, Capital XTRA's Robert Bruce caught up with the fast-rising star to get his reaction to going viral with his breakthrough hit and find out a bit more about the man behind the hit track

From his days growing up in Zimbabwe to playing the forming the foundations of his musical career in the church, find out everything you need to know about S1mba in the video above.

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