Tory Lanez Addresses Roddy Ricch After Being Accused Of 'Biting' His Music

30 September 2019, 17:26

Tory Lanez Addresses Roddy Ricch After 'Biting' Claims
Tory Lanez Addresses Roddy Ricch After 'Biting' Claims. Picture: PA

Roddy Ricch had accused Tory Lanez of 'biting' his musical style after 'Watch Your Soul' was released.

Tory Lanez has been on the lips of many Hip Hop fans recently after his comments about working with Tekashi 6ix9ine again emerged, but now the Canadian rapper has been involved in an online spat with another rapper, Roddy Ricch.

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Taking to Instagram after he noticed that Tory Lanez had used his 'Ricch Forever' instrumental on new track 'Watch Your Soul', Roddy Ricch stated 'u can't bite no harder than this. @torylanez I thought we was better than this'.

Responding to the 'Die Young' rapper, Tory Lanez then stated, 'I wrote this verse about my DEAD HOMIE... I used your beat because I loved your version and wanted to tell my own story about my dog that got killed.'

He went on to say, 'I didn't use anything of yours but a Beat (Millions of n***as g oon other beats everyday) but I'll tell you what we are better than...we are better than "going on social media talking crazy, tryna get clout, when you have my phone number and can call me as a man".'

Ending his response, Tory said, 'I don't want to continue this here. If you need to holla at me. U got my number.'

In another follow up post on Instagram, Tory Lanez addressed Roddy Rich once more and wrote, 'I made this song about my dead homie ... Idgaf what y’all n***as is talking bout right now . It really means nothing.'

He added, 'I went on @roddyricch beat cuz I got luv for his music. And his song. I even did certain things in the song to pay tribute/homage to his song and show love .. not for y’all to tell me Im biting someone who ain’t been in the game making PLATINUM records with THIS style for even half the time I have .... One thing I want y’all to stop doing tho. Is acting as if my voice ain’t been the same for the last 9 years .. and that I don’t play a part in a lot of these new n***as sounds and styles. First time I met him he told me I inspired him Y’all n***as can be funny man . But f**k it ... let’s just enjoy the music...'

These two would sound sick on a tune together, so let's hope they've patched things up and we can get a tune from them soon!

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