Thanks To You, We're Changing Lives...

13 April 2018, 06:00

Make Some Noise cheque

Over the past 12 months, you’ve been dressing up, hitting up Capital XTRA Live and taking on some extreme challenges, making a whole lot of noise, and raising loads of money to help us support Capital XTRA's charity, Global’s Make Some Noise.

And it’s thanks to your amazing efforts, that Global’s Make Some Noise has been able to give out a staggering £2,500,500 to 33 special small projects, so they can continue their life-changing work with youngsters and their families living with illness, disability or lack of opportunity.

Because of your generous donations, we’ll be providing 15,088 hours of support for youngsters living with disability, 4,340 hours of much-needed help for young carers, 4,772 hours of counselling for children experiencing illness or bereavement, 4,679 hours of support for young people and their families affected by suicide and homelessness, and so much more.

We’ll also be funding 67 roles at the charities, and paying for specialist equipment - including a 3D printer to create models of children’s hearts for surgeons to study ahead of surgery, and a sensory library for children affected by sight loss.

Thanks to you, Global’s Make Some Noise will be able to help almost 17,000 children and young people up and down the country over the next two years.