Swae Lee's Ex-Girlfriend Has Been Arrested After Allegedly Headbutting Rapper

9 September 2019, 16:48 | Updated: 9 September 2019, 16:57

Swae Lee's ex-girlfriend has been arrested after head butting him during physical fight
Swae Lee's ex-girlfriend has been arrested after head butting him during physical fight. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Swae Lee's ex-girlfriend has been arrested for a physical fight she had with the rapper in his L.A home. Marliesia Ortiz allegedly head butted the Rae Sremmurd rapper.

Swae Lee's ex-girlfriend Marliesia Ortiz was reportedly arrested for getting physical with Swae at the beginning of August in his Los Angeles home.

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According to TMZ, sources revealed that Ortiz allegedly hit him, headbutted him and also threw objects at the rapper. Swae's security then took measures into their own hands and escorted Ortiz off the premises.

After being escorted out of Swae's home, Ortiz reportedly called the police, claiming Swae had sexually assaulted her. However, quickly changed her story when the police arrived at the scene.

She then told the police it was her who began the fight between them.

Although she changed her story, she did, however, stick to the claim that Swae Lee had strangled her. After Ortiz confessed, she got arrested by police, even thought there were no signs of any damage to both their bodies.

The L.A. City Attorney will be holding a hearing with Swae Lee and Marliesia Ortiz. However, no charges have officially been filed yet. 

Back in March, Marliesia Ortiz revealed details of her an Swae Lee's relationship drama to TMZ.

In the report, Ortiz claimed that she finished with the Rae Sremmurd rapper after he had repeatedly cheated on her and verbally abused her.

Ortiz explained that Swae manipulated and mislead her into thinking he was loyal when she found put he had been cheating while on the road.

Swae Lee and Marliesia Ortiz were together on-and-off for four years.

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