This Guy Spent The Whole Of Sterosonic Being Mistaken For Steve Aoki

3 December 2014, 11:02

And totally went along with it, because you would, wouldn't you?

What happens when you dress up like Steve Aoki and walk around Sterosonic festival in Australia - where Steve Aoki is headlining? You're about to find out. 

Jarrad Seng, a music industry photographer gets mistaken for Steve Aoki a lot. He says that for the last five years he has been mistaken for Steve Aoki at least once a week, be it in a bar, on Instagram, or on the streets. 

So when he headed to Sterosonic festival in Perth, Australia, where Steve Aoki was headlining, he decided to embrace the uncanniness and even added a long beard to up his Steve Aoki game.

The results were hilarious, with hundreds of bystanders stopping to ask for selfies and questioning why he wasn't on stage.

Watch the brilliant footage above.