Who is Shaybo? Real name, age, Instagram, songs and lyrics revealed

8 December 2020, 17:39

Who is Shaybo? Real name, age, Instagram, songs and lyrics revealed
Who is Shaybo? Real name, age, Instagram, songs and lyrics revealed. Picture: Instagram

The South-London MC, Shaybo, has taken the U.K music scene by storm!

  1. Who is Shaybo?

    Shaybo is an MC/rapper from South London. She was originally born in Nigeria moved to Lewisham, South London when she was 6 years-old.

    The rapstress is is best known for her raps, which often pay tribute to her Nigerian roots.

    Shaybo began freestyling when she was just 13-years-old.
    Shaybo began freestyling when she was just 13-years-old. Picture: Instagram

    Amongst some of her most popular singles "Dobale" and "Anger", the star has also dropped an LinkUp TV HB Freestyle, GRM Daily Duppy and a Tiffany Calver freestyle.

    In February, Shaybo teased the release of her EP, titled 'Queen of the South'. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was not released.

    Shaybo has brought new energy and style to the U.K music scene
    Shaybo has brought new energy and style to the U.K music scene. Picture: Instagram

    In an interview with Capital XTRA's presenter, Robert Bruce, Shaybo revealed that she began freestyling when she was just 13 years old.

    She also revealed that she's caring by nature and studied social work.

  2. What is Shaybo's real name?

    South London rapper Shaybo's real name is Shayon Brown.

  3. What is Shaybo's age? How old is she?

    Shaybo is 24-years-old. She was born in Nigerian on October 5, 1996.

    Her birth sign is a Libra.

  4. What is Shaybo's Instagram?

    Shaybo's Instagram handle is @shaybomusic. See a few of Shaybo's photos below.

  5. What are the lyrics to Shaybo's GRM Daily Duppy?


    I'm a sweet mamacita
    But don't get me cross like a vicar
    Or I go nuts like snickers
    So before you beef us
    Better think, best reflect like mirrors
    I'm a whole lotta trouble
    If I touch you, you gon' see d-d-double
    'Cause Shaybo's cray-cray
    Let it rip like Bleyblade if he miss payday
    Pussy wet like a puddle (Huh)
    Plus it hug the dick tight like a cuddle
    Ah, oga, you gon' struggle
    'Cause my pussy sweet like Indomie noodles
    Smack it down raw on the queen, it's the real Royal Rumble
    Arse fat like Omaga
    When I off my panter, he a real bowcatter
    I am the queen of south, the queen of rap
    The queen of drill, the queen of this, the queen of that
    And what? No one disagrees with that
    No one's ever gonna make me take it back
    I just come and go, spin a track
    I call the game my ex, it takes me back
    Even when I'm tryna go, they call me back
    That means most of all, these bitches whack
    I'm hood, I glue my eyelashes with hair glue
    Pull up on the blocks just to scare you
    Dare me? Dare me? No, how dare you?
    Bitch, how fuckin' rude
    Don't trust me 'cause I don't trust you too
    Shaybo from the hood's now gone Hollywood
    It's a superstory, Nollywood
    Girl, I run town, run town
    Wanna run come up? Come down
    Let's one on one now
    Or shut up, calm down
    Stupid person, stupid motherfucker
    Oloshi oloriburuku, oya butter
    They say they want to fight me but they call olopa
    My mummy thinks she knows everything from WhatsApp
    There's nothin' you can buy me 'cause I ball like soccer
    Oga, I beg, please give these thirsty bitches some water
    Most of you bitches out here my daughter
    Everything you're doing right now, I taught ya
    Time after time like Cyndi Lauper
    So respect your mother (Yeah)
    Run for cover, run for cover
    It's like I'm on a different level, gotta hover
    Tell her what's up, tell her what's up
    You better talk sense before I cut off
    I cannot marry Jamaican, he says he can take am
    He say he want to marry me, I kuku delay am
    I ain't got no patience
    I don't trust no pagans
    I don't fuck no waste men
    So one like Acen
    Bitches is basic, basic bitches just face it
    You know I'm on top while you creep in the basement
    Pagans hating, faced 'em, break 'em, ooh
    Training, pacing, waiting, make a move
    I'm the queen of the south, I've proven it now
    'Cause me, I'm not the one that just talks anyhow
    We're done

    Watch below.

    Shaybo - Daily Duppy | GRM Daily

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