Saweetie's family members: From her parents to her siblings

19 March 2021, 13:24

Who is Saweetie's mom and dad? Does the rapper have any siblings? Here's everything we know about Saweetie's family.

Saweetie is a rap star sensation, who is often admired for her unique style, female empowering lyrics and club hits.

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The 27-year-old rapstress, born Diamonté Qiava Valentin Harper, was given her nickname and stage name Saweetie by her grandmother.

The "Tap In" rapstress often pays tribute to her family, when asked about her inspirations in life. But who are Saweetie's parents? And does she have any siblings?

  1. Who is Saweetie's mom?

    Saweetie’s mom is called Trinidad Valentin. She gave Saweetie her Asian roots as her ethnicity is Filipino-Chinese.

    In Valentin's youth, she worked as a video model and featured in some of hip-hop's music videos for Nelly’s 'Ride Wit Me' and DMX’s 'What These Bitches Want' and a few LL Coo J videos.

    Saweetie's mom modelled in Nelly's 'Ride With Me'
    Saweetie's mom modelled in Nelly's 'Ride With Me'. Picture: YouTube

    Saweetie’s mom was only 17 at the time when she had her. The star's mother helped foster Saweetie’s love for music and poetry.

    Trinidad often played R&B music in their household from stars such as Tevin Campbell, Delfonics, and The Isley Brothers.

    Trinidad Valentin also modelled in DMX's 'What They Really Want'
    Trinidad Valentin also modelled in DMX's 'What They Really Want'. Picture: YouTube

    Trinidad's mother, (Saweetie's grandma) played a big role in the star's upbringing as her mom was still a teenager at the time.

    In an interview with The Line of Best Fit, Saweetie said “My mom was 17 when she had me, so my parents were always working, and my grandma took care of me."

    The rap star continued "My mom and my dad both come from big families, too – nine of my dad’s side and seven on my mom’s side."

    "We didn’t grow up rich, or at least I know I didn’t, which is why it feels good to make all this money, because I’ve never been able to just buy whatever I wanted to.” Saweetie added.

  2. Who is Saweetie's dad?

    Saweetie’s dad, Johnny Harper, played American football for San Jose State when he was younger.

    The star's fans were swooned over her father after she posted an old picture of Harper on her Instagram.

    While Saweetie's grandfather played football for the San Francisco 49ers, her dad played for San Jose State.

    Saweetie got her dad’s football skills, but decided to do track and volleyball, and almost competed professionally.

    She eventually played football as a quarterback for a powderpuff league.

    Saweetie poses with her parents Johnny and Trinidad at her "High Maintenance" Listening Event in 2018.
    Saweetie poses with her parents Johnny and Trinidad at her "High Maintenance" Listening Event in 2018. Picture: Getty

    During her interview with The Line of Best Fit, Saweetie said “I grew up in the Bay Area but I finished high school in Sacramento, which is why I claim both areas."

    "I feel like both of them shaped me into the woman I am today. Growing up, it was a lot of fun because I have a really big family."

    "I was an only child for like eleven years, like eleven years, so my brothers and sisters were like my cousins. And I’m half Asian half Black, so there was a big cultural difference.”

  3. Who is Saweetie's grandmother?

    Saweetie's grandmother is Roxanne Glass.

    The star payed tribute to her grandmother "Storytiiiiiime.My grandma won Miss Black Nebraska back in her day."

    "She has been so influential in my life from always staying fly to breaking glass ceilings!!"

    Saweetie pays tribute to her grandmother on Instagram
    Saweetie pays tribute to her grandmother on Instagram. Picture: Instagram

    "She has navigated through life with such grace and knows everything about me lol."

    "She’s my bestie I love her so much don’t what I would do without her FaceTime calls. I love u G baby!! Thank you for always keeping my head up" Saweetie wrote.

  4. Does Saweetie have siblings?

    Saweetie has two younger twin sisters Maya and Milan.The star was an only child for eleven years before her sisters were born.

  5. Is Saweetie and Gabreille Union related?

    Saweetie and actress Gabrielle Union are cousins.

    The actress revealed that Saweetie was her cousin in an IG post paying tribute to Kehlani, noting how she “collabs with other great talent like my little cousin @saweetie.”

    Union later clarified how they were related on Twitter.

    She tweeted, “Yup. Her father and I are 1st cousins. Her grandma is my aunt Joanne Glass who I based Eva from “Deliver Us From Eva” on. #FunFact #DozensOfCousins.”

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