Safaree slammed for reaction to Erica Mena’s pregnancy news in viral video

21 July 2021, 10:51

Love and HipHop star Safaree's reaction to his ex Erica Mena announcing her pregnancy has gone viral.

Social media users are slamming Safaree as a video of him and ex Erica Mena has gone viral.

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The video shows the star seemingly speechless as he learns he will be having a second child with the model and reality star.

Fans on social media have gone wild after seeing a video of Erica Mena telling Safaree that he is pregnant with their second child.

The 40 year old rapper appears underwhelmed on hearing the news, causing concern from many Twitter uses.

The video shows the pair sat at dinner, when Erica decides to show her now ex-husband a scan of their baby number two.

Safaree and Erica now share two children
Safaree and Erica now share two children. Picture: Getty

When the model asks Safaree how he feels he responds "I don't know", Erica then in response accuses him of having "no respect or regard" for her feelings.

The video ends with Safaree saying "this is crazy", before proceeding walk out. The star then does a wheelie on a quad bike and drives off.

See the full video below.

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their disapproval at the clip, with one fan saying: "This whole Erica & Safaree situation is so embarrassing ".

Another has called the video "disturbing & embarrassing" whilst another said "What did Erica do in her life to deserve ending up w a man like Safaree".

Some fans believe the scene was scripted, asking: "So five months went by and Safaree didn’t realize Erica was pregnant?".

Safaree and Erica Mena got married in 2019, however are currently in the process of getting a divorce.

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