Barbie Have Created A New Rosa Parks Doll

2 September 2019, 12:37

Barbie have created a Rosa Parks doll
Barbie have created a Rosa Parks doll. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Civil Rights Activist Rosa Parks has been turned into a Barbie doll by toy company Mattel as part of their Inspiring Women Series.

Rosa Parks became one of the most well known civil rights activists in modern history after refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white man back in 1955 - and now she's been turned into a Barbie doll by toy company Mattel.

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As part of their new Inspiring Women Series, Barbie have created dolls for both Rosa Parks and Sally Ride, who was the first American woman in space.

Rosa Parks doll by Barbie
Rosa Parks doll by Barbie. Picture: Barbie

Taking the term role model pretty literally, Barbie said about the new dolls 'Taking risks. Changing rules. Paving the way for generations. ⁣The #Barbie Inspiring Women Series pays tribute to incredible heroines of their time. This year, we’re adding two courageous women – Civil Rights activist, Rosa Parks, and the first American woman to fly in space, Sally Ride. #MoreRoleModels

Other dolls in the Inspiring Women Series include pilot Amelia Earheart and artist Frida Kahlo, whilst the Rosa Parks Doll will be exclusively sold at Walmart.

Reactions to the new additions have been hugely positive, with one person commenting 'This is so awesome!' whilst another added, 'this is so inspiring barbie'.

Early reports have suggested that the Rosa Parks doll sold out in the first day of pre-orders, so it may be pretty tricky to get your hands on one if you wanted to buy what is certain to become a collectors item.

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