Who is Quavo's sister Kashara Marshall? What did she say about Saweetie?

22 March 2021, 16:45

Quavo's sister got into an online spat with Saweetie's aunty following the stars break-up announcement.

Quavo's sister, Kashara Marshall caught heat after sticking up for her brother following his Twitter spat with his ex-girlfriend Saweetie.

Did Quavo get Saweetie's Bentley gift repossessed?

Marshall, who is also known as Migo Shara, put Saweetie on blast after she revealed Quavo cheated on her.

The "Tap In" rapstress fans came at Quavo hard after discovering he was unfaithful to the star, and his sister was not having it.

But who is Kashara Marshall? And what did she say about Saweetie?

  1. Who is Quavo's sister Kashara Marshall?

    Kashara Marshall is mostly known for being the Migos rapper's sister.

    Otherwise, she is known to the public for her YouTube channel 'The REED family' where she shows her family life.

    She is a mother to two daughters, and a wife to her husband Jay, whom she frequently posts on her Instagram.

    Fans became aware of Quavo sister when Saweetie caught the bouquet at her wedding back in May 2019.

    Quavo’s sister tossed the flowers backwards and it glided right into Saweetie’s hands.

    Quavo's brother-in-law, Jay, made sure the garter got to Quavo’s hands.

    In a video clip at the wedding, Outcast’s “International Player’s Anthem” was playing in the background while he handed the garter to Huncho.

  2. What did Quavo's sister say about Saweetie?

    On Saturday (Mar 20) Quavo's sister, Kashara Marshall defended her brother after he received backlash for cheating on Saweetie.

    "I've been quiet long enough," she posted on her IG Story. "I see how this is turning into a bash fest against my brother and that aint about to happen at all."

    She added "None of y'all know how Saweetie is in real life but I do and it aint good at all."

    Quavo's sister defends him on her Instagram story
    Quavo's sister defends him on her Instagram story. Picture: instagram

    Following Shara's post, Saweetie's aunt, who goes by @WhittyHarp on Twitter, responded to her claims about her niece.

    "Now now! Do we need Whitty to start airing this MF out???," she countered on Twitter.

    "I’m not gone be half as nice as ol Shara! What she not gone do is speak ill of my niece, I get very disrespectful about mine."

    Saweetie's aunty defends her against Quavo's sister on Twitter
    Saweetie's aunty defends her against Quavo's sister on Twitter. Picture: Instagram

    "Since we sticking our nose in other people business first they love you then they hate you...Talkin bout she been quiet long enough. Girl it ain’t even been 24 hours. GTFOH."

    Saweetie's aunty, Whitney Harp added "And listen..... I would have never spoken on this.... they business is they business, I stay TF out of it, but when sisters wanna put they self in it that’s when it becomes my business".

  3. What is Quavo sister's Instagram?

    Quavo's sister, Kashara Marshall's Instagram handle is @migo_shara.

    Kashara's account boasts over 51k followers. She often shares family oriented content – photos with her children and husband.

    She also posts promo clips of her YouTube family channel 'The REED family'

    Check out her posts below.

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