Pop Smoke hologram divides fans with "creepy" performance in Paris club

2 March 2020, 13:30

Pop Smoke hologram performs in Paris
Pop Smoke hologram performs in Paris. Picture: Getty

A hologram of New York rapper Pop Smoke, who was killed just a few weeks ago, appeared during a club performance in France.

In the world of rap music, holograms are nothing new. Tupac became the first artist to have a hologram used to perform on stage after his death and now New York rapper Pop Smoke has become the latest.

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During a recent live event at Paris venue Yard, a giant hologram showing Pop Smoke appeared on stage as the rapper's song 'Dior' played out through the speakers.

The rising rapper, aged just 20 years old, was reportedly at his home in the Hollywood Hills, California on 19th February when two men wearing masks and hoodies broke into Pop Smoke's house, before shooting and killing him.

Sharing footage from the event on Instagram, Yard wrote, 'During yesterday's #YARDWinterClub, we paid tribute to Pop Smoke, who died suddenly last week. It was important to us, important to you, important in short.'

Whilst many people shared positive reactions to the Pop Smoke hologram, others were less than happy about the use of the rapper's image just weeks after his shock death.

The Pop Smoke hologram news comes just a week after Whitney Houston's team approved and launched a tour of a hologram performance of classic tracks from the singer, which was also split opinions on social media.

It seems that hologram's aren't to everyone's taste, although with the emergence of both Pop Smoke and Whitney Houston holograms in recent days, it appears they're only set to become more widely used.

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