Diddy Has Backtracked On His Name Change: "I Was Only Playing"

7 November 2017, 15:53

Here's what you should call him...


Diddy has backtracked on the decision to change his name to Brother Love.

The Hip-Hop mogul has revealed he was surprised by the huge backlash on the Internet and has reverted back to his previous alter egos.

''Due to the overwhelming response from the media out there, and just due to there not wanting to be any confusion, I was only joking. Okay? I didn't change my name. It's just part of one of my alter egos. One of my alter egos is Love. 

''But to set the record straight, because I have a lot of press to do in the next couple of weeks, you can address me by any of my older names. But, if you still wanna call me Love, you can call me Love, baby. But, I was only playing.''

Watch the video above.


6th November

Sean 'Diddy' Combs has changed his name - for the fifth time.

The rap mogul - who was recently named the highest earning Hip-Hop artist of 2017 - has previously gone by the monikers Puff Daddy, Puffy, Diddy and P. Diddy.

However, it seems that Combs still isn't satisfied with his title and is now going by a new name: 'Brother Love', or 'Love' for short. 

The 'I'll Be Missing You' hitmaker addressed his followers in a video on Twitter to reveal the surprising news.

"I decided to change my name again!" he wrote during his 48th birthday celebrations, "My new name is LOVE aka Brother Love. #TakeDat"

After revealing his "serious, serious news", the rapper explained that his decision came after he realised he is no longer the person he used to be.

"I know it's risky because it could come off as corny to some people" he says.

"I'm just not who I am before, I'm something different. So my new name is Love aka Brother Love."

The rapper confirmed that he will "not be answering to Puffy, Diddy, Puff Daddy" or any of his other monikers but Love or Brother Love.

Before signing off, Combs proclaimed he's feeling great in light of the recent name change.

"OK it's my birthday, I feel good. God is the greatest, I give all glory. And I thank my mommy and daddy."

Fans have since reacted to the name change on Twitter:

The Hip-Hop heavyweight was known as Puff Daddy back in 1997, but has changed his stage name multiple times throughout his long-standing career.

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