Omarion’s Baby Mama Apryl Jones ‘Exposes' Rappers Who Are Allegedly Thirsting After Her

9 July 2019, 16:50

Apryl Jones rants on IG Live and lists rappers who are allegedly trying to get with her
Apryl Jones rants on IG Live and lists rappers who are allegedly trying to get with her. Picture: Getty

Reality TV star Apryl Jones, who shares two children with singer Omarion, has taken to IG Live to list rappers who are allegedly trying to get with her.

Omarion's baby mama Apryl Jones took to Instagram to rant after recent reports claim she is pregnant by Lil Fizz. The reality TV star took to Instagram to address recent rumours surrounding her allegedly dating the former B2K member.

Omarion's Baby Mama Apryl Jones "Pregnant" With Lil Fizz's Child Amid Dating Rumours

Apryl decided to jump on a live stream and went on an expletive rant, revealing a number of celebrities that are allegedly trying to get with her.

During Apryl's live session, reveals that she's a celebrity by having sex with other celebrities. She then went on to list celebrity guys who have attempted getting with her, including many popular athletes and musicians.

In the live she says: "What happened to The Game? He’s right here. He texted me, ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’ I’ll f**k your p**sy. Slap it again. That’s what The Game said. The Game texts me all the time. B**ches love him and that n***a texts me," said Apryl on video.

She continued: "He loves me! He respects me! Lil Fizz. I love you, Happy Mother’s Day! I respect you! F**king Shiggy Show. F**king Nate Robinson. F**king Paul Pierce. F**king Kevin Durant. F**king anybody! Shaq — Shaquille O’Neal" on live.

Omarion's baby mama then named several rappers who want her.

"So, let me just say, I’m a celebrity because Omarion f*cked this p**sy and I have two kids by him. And now, Lil Fizz wants to f**k this p**sy."

She continued: "And, because I’m a celebrity and because The Game wants to f**k this p**sy and because A$AP wants to f**k this p**sy," she said on live stream.

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