Offset Faces Online Backlash After Rapping That He "Cannot Vibe With Queers”

18 January 2018, 12:29

Offset of MIgos

The rapper has seriously angered fans.

Offset is facing serious backlash online after a particular line from one of his recent verses has angered listeners.

During his verse on YFN Lucci's new song 'Boss Life', the Migos rapper spits the line: "I cannot vibe with queers".

After the song's release, outraged fans took to Twitter in disgust in response to Offset's controversial lyric.

Listen to the line at the 0:23 mark.

People soon began 'cancelling' the rapper, with others questioning his reasoning behind spitting such a lyric in 2018.

Many pointed out that Offset frequently sports designer clothing created by openly gay fashion designers, while others were surprised the line even made it through the recording process.

"I can’t even cancel Offset because I was never subscribed," wrote one exasperated user.  

"Y'all are really gonna let offset get away with saying he can't vibe with queers? nah bro lmao he's a piece of sh*t for that" said another.

In an attempt to defend him, people suggested that Offset could have been talking about people being 'weird'.

Offset is yet to respond to the controversy.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta rapper recently found himself at the centre of an ongoing cheating scandal with his fiancé Cardi B amid rumours of a sex tape leak.

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