What is the Milk Crate Challenge? Health experts explain dangers of viral video trend

26 August 2021, 13:47

What is the Milk Crate Challenge? Health experts explain dangers of viral video trend
What is the Milk Crate Challenge? Health experts explain dangers of viral video trend. Picture: Twitter

Doctors and health experts have advised against people trying the viral Milk Crate challenge. Here's everything we know about it...

If you have not seen the Milk Crate Challenge, you have definitely been under a rock. It is the new craze that has been dominating social media platform timelines as the viral videos have taken over.

The Milk Crate Challenge is a new physical challenge set by people creating an obstacle out of milk crates.

The aim is to walk on top of the stacked milk crates and complete it from start to finish. However, it has been proven to be a risky challenge, with unsuccessful goers falling on the floor or onto of the crates.

Here's everything we know about the viral trend.

  1. What is the milk crate challenge?

    The milk crate challenge has taken off on social media, showing people from all over the world taking on the challenge.

    People start by creating an obstacle course by stacking plastic milk crates on top of each other to form a pyramid and then attempted to climb over them.

    How to do the challenge

    The video shows the person attempting to step onto the crates that are built to different heights and complete the obstacle.

    While the plastic crates can hold plenty of weight, they can easily make you drop once they're stacked up.

    For most participants, unsuccessful attempts result in some pretty painful-looking falls and injuries.

  2. What are the dangers of the milk crate challenge?

    While it is obvious the risks you take with doing the milk crate challenge, medical experts have warned against the challenge.

    Concerns from doctors and health and safety experts have led to some social media platforms to remove videos of the challenge due to its dangers.

    According to NBC News, Dr. Vonda Wright, an orthopedic surgeon based in Atlanta, Georgia, said other surgeons like herself have been sharing videos of the challenge and encouraging their followers to avoid taking part.

    "This is probably the one that I've seen that has the highest potential for bodily injury that will take people out not just of their daily lives, but could have lifelong implications," she said.

  3. What did TikTok say about the milk crate challenge?

    TikTok's statement on the milk crate challenge reads: “TikTok prohibits content that promotes or glorifies dangerous acts, and we remove videos and redirect searches to our Community Guidelines to discourage such content,” a spokesperson for TikTok reportedly told Fast Company.

    “We encourage everyone to exercise caution in their behavior whether online or off.”

  4. What celebrities have done the milk crate challenge?

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