Megan Thee Stallion fans react after rapper says her record label aren't letting her release music

2 March 2020, 16:46

Megan Thee Stallion fans defend rapper after she exposes record label issues
Megan Thee Stallion fans defend rapper after she exposes record label issues. Picture: Getty/Twitter

Megan Thee Stallion fans start #FreeTheeStallion hashtag on Twitter after rapper details her record label contact issues on Instagram Live.

Megan Thee Stallion has been the topic of conversation after trending on Twitter with the hashtag #FreeMegan, after she revealed her record label is preventing her from releasing music.

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The 25-year-old rapstress is currently signed to independent label 1501 Entertainment and managed by Jay-Z's label Roc Nation.

However, Meg revealed that she tried to negotiate her contract with her label, which led to them 'blocking' her from making music.

On Sunday (Mar 1) Megan took to Instagram Live to explain her predicament to her followers.

"Roc Nation is my management. I’m signed to two independent labels and I do what I want to do, they following the Meg Thee Stallion train.

‘When I signed [to 1501 Entertainment], I didn’t really know what was in my contract. I was young, I think I was, like, 20.'

Meg added ‘So when I got with Roc Nation, I got management, real management. I got real lawyers, and they were like, “Do you know that this is in your contract?” And I was like, “Oh d**n, that’s crazy, no I didn’t know”.’ 

In the video, Meg made it clear that she doesn’t want to leave the label but wanted to negotiate a better contract.

‘Soon as I said, “I want to renegotiate my contract”, everything went left. It just all went bad,’ she claimed.

‘So now they’re telling a b***h she can’t drop no music. It’s really just, like, a greedy game.  ‘I’m not a greedy person. I’m not a person that likes confrontation. I’m nice and I’m real family-oriented.’ 

One of the co-founders of 1501 Entertainment responded to Megan's live with a cryptic message.

Carl Crawford captioned the post: ‘At a time when loyalty is at an all time low it’s nice to be link with @jprincerespect who is steady teaching me how to move in this cutthroat industry And I know that terrifies some especially the ones who double cross me #Paybacksab***h ].’

Megan's fans immediately took to Twitter and checked Crawford for his post. Slowly but surely, the situation became a trending topic on social media.

See Megan's fans reactions on Twitter below.

What do you think of Megan's request to negotiate her contract ?

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