Mariah Carey’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Vandalised Following NYE Performance

11 January 2017, 11:39

Mariah Carey New Years Eve

There’s always February, Mariah.

Mariah Carey’s star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame has been vandalised in the wake of her disastrous New Year’s Eve performance.

The perpetrator, who remains unknown, subtly added a question mark at the end of the singer’s name so it read: "Mariah Carey?"


A photo posted by y100miami (@y100miami) onJan 10, 2017 at 1:36pm PST


According to TMZ, the Los Angeles Police Department are currently investigating the case the for felony vandalism and pulling surveillance videos. 

The publication added that it could cost $1,500 to restore the star, which has since been cleaned up.

Although it is currently unconfirmed as to why her star was vandalised, the 'Emotions' singer is unlikely to be pleased with the incident.

This news follows Carey's recent announcement that she plans to take a break from social media, following her viral New Years Eve performance.

"I'm going to take a break from social-media moments, although I will fulfill my professional obligations," she said. 

"It's time for me to finally take a moment for myself and be with loved ones and prepare for my upcoming tour in March."

The singer was subject of a huge internet backlash and even lashed out at TV executives, claiming that they sabotaged the moment to get higher ratings.

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