Machine Gun Kelly recalls almost attempting suicide on the phone to Megan Fox

28 June 2022, 15:28

Machine Gun Kelly confesses his love for Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly said that he was grappling with paranoia and 'finally snapped' during a phone call to fiancé Megan Fox.

TW: Mentions of Suicide and Gun Violence

Machine Gun Kelly has revealed that he once put a loaded gun into his mouth during a stressful phone call with Megan Fox.

In a new Hulu documentary called Life in Pink, he said that he was struggling with the death of his father in July 2020.

The rapper said that he called his now-fiancé Megan Fox, who was in Bulgaria shooting a film at the time.

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MGK and Megan Fox at the 2021 VMA's
MGK and Megan Fox at the 2021 VMA's. Picture: Getty Images

MGK says that he was going down a dark downward spiral after the loss of his father, and was dealing with extreme paranoia.

The rapper revealed that "I wouldn’t leave my room and I started getting really, really, really dark. Megan went to Bulgaria to shoot a movie and I started getting this really wild paranoia."

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The 32-year-old added that he "would always sleep with a shotgun next to his bed and “just f***ing snapped” that day".

"I’m in my room and I’m, like, freaking out on her. Dude, I put the shotgun in my mouth. And I’m yelling on the phone and, like, the barrel’s in my mouth. And I go to cock the shotgun and the bullet, as it comes back up, the shell just gets jammed. Megan’s like dead silent,” he said.

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The couple have been dating since 2020
The rapper and actress have been dating since 2020. Picture: Instagram

Kelly has said that this moment was his 'wake-up call', saying that his daughter and Fox told him that "I want to, like, see you as my father" and "I want to see you as my husband-to-be."

MGK revealed that he is now doing better, and that his fiancé Fox became the 'sun' to him. They were engaged in January 2022 and plan to get married soon.

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