This Amazing Rap To Mozart Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Life

29 August 2014, 10:00 | Updated: 29 August 2014, 17:22

Be inspired to be great.

Mac Lethal is back with his superfast tongue and brilliantly clever raps, and this time he's performed a special request from a fan. 

High school music teacher 'Mrs. Francine' wrote to Mac, asking if he could make a video suitable for her students to watch.

"I love your YouTube videos. The problem is, I can't play them for my students because they contain too many bad words" the 53-year-old Mozart fan wrote to Mac.

"Would you consider making a fast rap video for my students to inspire them to be great?"

Watch until the end to see Mrs Francine's full letter.

See what Mac Lethal came up with above.