Love Island's Michael Griffiths, Jordan Hames & Danny Williams rank this year's female islanders

23 January 2020, 10:42 | Updated: 21 February 2020, 11:51

Former islanders Michael, Jordan, Danny play a game of 'Lips, Love, Leave' with the girls in the Cape Town villa.

Ex-Love Island stars Michael Griffiths, Jordan Hames and Danny Williams have shared their thoughts on this year's female contestants.

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The trio, who all appeared on the 2019 summer series of the hit ITV2 show, played a game of 'Lips, Love, Leave' with Capital XTRA's Will Njobvu and spilled the tea on their favourite ladies.

Newcomer Rebecca Gormley, 21, received a resounding 'lips' from the boys, who refer to themselves as "Destiny's Childish" in reference to Michael's meme-worthy moment on last year's show.

Michael Griffiths, Jordan Hames and Danny Williams discussed their ex's before ranking the new female islanders.
Michael Griffiths, Jordan Hames and Danny Williams discussed their ex's before ranking the new female islanders. Picture: Capital XTRA

Next up was Leanne Amaning, 22, who is currently paired with Mike Boateng on the show. "Look at her lips! Who wouldn't wanna lips her?" said Michael, 28, with Danny, 22, adding, "From the starting line-up in the first episode, I said she was really pretty."

Michael then shared his opinion on 25-year-old Siannise Fudge. "When the picture came up it kind of scared me a little bit. Her eyes... it's like she's piercing my soul. The way she looks at you it's like she's piercing your soul," he said as Jordan, 24, sank into his chair and Danny looked at the Ex On The Beach star in shock.

"I'm scared a little bit. She's a pretty girl but I say leave," he added, before Jordan said, "She's just not for me." As for Jess Gale, 21, Jordan said, "I like girls that look more natural personally." Danny, however took a shining to the hostess, saying "I'll be honest I'll say lips, I think she's pretty."

Shaughna Phillips, 25, was a hit with all three lads. "I'd love her!" exclaimed Jordan. "She's got banter. She's borderline love, you know," said Michael, while Danny echoed, "I would say potentially love cos it seems like she's got a really good personality."

Michael and Jordan both fell for 21-year-old Sophie Piper. "Love. She seems so down to earth and she's quite funny, she's got loads of banter. She's very soft-spoken, and she's dead pretty," said Michael. Jordan added, "I like a girl with dimples. Maybe love, for longer than two days as well."

Last up was 22-year-old Paige Turley. "I like her eyes, her eyes are mint," said Jordan of Paige's baby blue sparklers. Danny said, "I think she's funny, potential love," before Michael added, "Scottish people always have a good personality."

Elsewhere during the interview, the lads spoke about their couplings with Amber Rose Gill, Anna Vakili and Yewande Biala, who recently started a podcast together.

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