Loski court case: rapper claims he was forced to carry a gun by a drug dealer

4 February 2020, 17:44

Loski tells the court he was forced to carry a gun in court
Loski tells the court he was forced to carry a gun in court. Picture: Getty

Loski tells the Croydon Crown Court he was forced to carry a gun by a drug dealer. The rapper claims the drug dealer threatened him and his mother.

Rapper Loski, real name Jyrelle O'Connor, 20, attended Croydon crown court on Monday (Feb 3) for his gun possession case.

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According to The Guardian, O'Connor told the court he was forced to carry a gun by a man from who he had bought cannabis from. He also claimed the man shoved a gun in his face and made threats towards him and his mother.

The 20-year-old rapper has denied possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life and other related charges.

Loski was initially arrested on 9 April in 2019, after police found a small loaded revolver underneath the front passenger seat of an Uber he was travelling in. He used an alias name for his Uber account also.

On Monday (Apr 8) Loski told the court that got in contact with a drug dealer through snapchat to buy 14 grams of cannabis.

Loski claimed he had purchased cannabis from the dealer more than 10 times previously.

The "Money & Beef" rapper claimed that once he got into a car, things seemed wrong and he believed he was being kidnapped.

O’Connor said “He put a gun in my face, I was panicking a lot" in the court hearing.

"He said he knew where I lived and where my mum lived. With a gun in your face there’s not really a way out of it.”

He told the court the dealer told him “I need you to hold something for me” and handed him a gun wrapped in a tissue.

Loski claimed the dealer told him to hold onto the gun until the next day, and to drop it off.

O’Connor, told the court he was exposed to a lot of violence in his childhood and had moved from his home in Kennington, South London, to live with his grandmother in Hertfordshire.

The "Forrest Gump" rapper said he moved to his grandmother's house after he had a gun held to his head by a random group of older boys when he was 12 years old.

“When I told the police about the gun to my head nothing really happened, so I didn’t feel they could help in any way,” he told the court.

Loski revealed that at the age of 14, older boys forced him to get involved in “country” drug dealing.

“We all had to go up to the country to sell drugs. If you don’t agree with what’s going on, you can’t not do what you’re told. You don’t have a choice.”

Loski opened up in court about an incident on 4 September 2014, when he was arrested for possession of heroin and crack cocaine with intent to supply.

The rapper claimed he had been told to hide them inside him, but claims he was too scared to do it, then kept the drugs in his underpants.

“Because I lost the drugs I was told that the only way to clear the debt was to hold more drugs. They said it was my fault because I didn’t bank the drugs.”

The case is still on going and will keep you updated.

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