What Has Happened To Lil Tay's Social Media Accounts?

5 June 2018, 15:01 | Updated: 5 June 2018, 15:32

Lil Tay.
Lil Tay. Picture: ABC/Instagram

What's going on?

It appears all of Lil Tay's social media posts have all disappeared without an explanation.

The self-proclaimed 'Youngest Flexer of the Century' has had her Instagram account - which boasts 2.4 million followers - wiped of all posts, and her profile picture is now shows up as blank white.

23 Facts You Need To Know About ‘Money Way’ Rapper Lil Tay

Tay is known for her precocious attitude and boastful, expletive-ridden bragging about earning "stacks" of money and buying luxury homes and expensive cars.

However, the boastful videos have been removed from her social media channels as her YouTube, Instagram and Twitter have all been wiped clean of content.

Lil Tay's Instagram page.
Lil Tay's Instagram page. Picture: Instagram

Last month, Tay was "exposed" after new footage revealed that her brother, Jason Tian, had been coaching her behind the scenes of her videos. In the following days, Tay and her mother appeared on Good Morning America.

Soon after the interview aired, a video surfaced on Worldstar of a young girl - allegedly Tay - smoking a hookah. After speculation arose, Jason Tain appeared to confirm the rumours.

In a later post, he added: "Don’t worry! Me and my sister and going to change up our whole image for the better! We boutta come back stronger then ever."

Interestingly, a spokesperson for Lil Tay’s family have confirmed that 'Money Way' rapper will return, with Diomi Cordero explaining to Buzzfeed: "I am rebranding Lil Tay…stay tuned."

Earlier this year, it was reported that Tay's mother, Angela Tian, was fired from her job at Vancouver real estate agency Pacific Place Group for assisting Lil Tay with her videos.

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