Kim Kardashian accused of cultural appropriation over braids hairstyle at Paris Fashion Week

4 March 2020, 16:36

Kim Kardashian receives backlash after debuting her braids hairstyle
Kim Kardashian receives backlash after debuting her braids hairstyle. Picture: Getty/Twitter

Internet sensation Kim Kardashian has been slammed for cultural appropriation after wearing braids to Kanye's Yeezy Season 8 Fashion Show in Paris.

Kim Kardashian has received backlash after debuting her new hairstyle at her husband Kanye West's Jeezy fashion show on Monday (Mar 2).

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The 39-year-old beauty mogul received backlash after showing off her braids, which were the same as her 5 year-old daughter North West's.

However, this is not the first time Kim Kardashian has worn braids and received backlash. with many people accusing her of cultural appropriation.

The braided hairstyle is traditionally worn by African-American's.

One Twitter user took to Twitter and wrote "She real wack... she posted this and then popped up with braids AGAIN... Does she not get tired of stealing Black women? kim kardashian is relying on Black outrage to keep her relevant and it f**king shows"

Another Twitter user added "can you please stop appropiating black culture?"

However, fans defended Kim Kardashian on Twitter. One fan wrote "#KimKardashian is married to Kanye West. They have kids that are half-black. She’s accused of #culturalAppropriation for braids."

"So White mothers of black children, must be raise their kids with black culture but without celebrating black culture themself? Got it."

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Another fan defended Kim Kardashian wearing braids saying "Imagine a black daughter who likes braids and wants her white mom to have matching hair like little girls do, what should the mom say, I’m sorry I can’t because I’m white. It’s 2020 America. It’s just a hairstyle #kimkardashian"

What do you think of Kim Kardashian getting braids ?

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